SKOOKUM Festival

Music Festival website - A wildly civilized weekend of music, creativity and culinary excellence
Mobile, UX Design, Web

Bordeaux 2014 App

The 2017 Release of BC Liquor's most coveted wines
Interactive, Mobile, UX Design, Web

Inmarsat Augmented Reality Kiosk

AR Tablets and Kiosk Design
Interactive, Mobile, UX Design, Motion/CG

UBC Alumni Centre

Interactive Data Wall & Wayfinding Kiosk
Interactive, UX Design

HPE Discover London 2015 Tour App

UX, UI, Mobile, Interactive
Interactive, Mobile, UX Design

Tsawwassen Mills Digital Installations

LED Light Pillar, Video Documentary, Artwork Kiosk
Interactive, UX Design, Video/Photo, Motion/CG

Telus World of Science Edmonton

Black Hole Finder Exhibit


Experiential Marketing

  • Brand Experiences
  • Digital Activations
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality


  • UI & UX Design
  • CG & 3D Renderings
  • Photography & Video

Digital & Interactive

  • Website Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Installations

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